Future-proof your document process automation

End-to-end document processing with a smart blend of Document Intelligence, streaming and in memory-first application platform built for agile document data delivery.

Here's how Ublion works

Bring your documents into Ublion landing-zone and manage all your document data cycles – from data extraction, collection, storage, classification to consumption, with one unified end-to-end platform.


Upload your disparate semi- and unstructured documents via Ublion online portal or through API in a multi-tenanted, one to many manner.

data Unification

Ublion generates full, universal data sets from your documents. Regardless of the source, type, language, format, or size.


Ublion qualifies your documents based on previous models. To do so, Ublion includes training and inference capabilities to fit a model.


Ublion generates formats from the universal datasets that comply to the set of rules of your business partners, like EDI, Peppol, and other document interoperability networks.


Connect to Ublion API to feed your favorite workflow and integration tools. Ublion API is designed to make data available in a multi-tenanted, one-to-many manner.


Don’t waste time (re)inventing the best ways to build CI/CD pipelines and workflow orchestrations. With Ublion, you can build, run, monitor, and manage your document data pipelines at scale from a single log in.


Benefit from important productivity gains by leveraging pre-built documents, components, connectors, rules, and libraries.


Improve the performance of the document understanding by constantly monitoring, re-evaluating, tuning, and managing ML models on an ongoing basis.

Intelligent Orchestration

End-to-End Document Processing

Ublion is a streaming and memory-first application platform for fast, stateful, data-intensive workloads offered as a fully managed cloud service. The platform applies DataOps, DevOps, and ModelOps to data integration, enabling continuous data delivery and to support a wide range of business scenarios.

Don't let High Volumes Of Documents and Multiple Communication Channels slow down your business

Ublion is used for a wide range of business scenarios

Finance and accounting

Organize documents and data, and achieve deeper insights and more accurate reporting for your company’s financial health and future decision-making.

Utilities and energy

Streamline your utility bill processing by increasing accuracy, shortening turnaround time, and reducing costs through automation.

Logistics and supply chain

Few operations require as much data and attention to detail than your supply chain. Manage contracts, compliance and supplier information without missing a beat.


Automate incoming documents the moment they enter your organization. Ublion automatically delivers them in the right format to the right people and systems and the next steps are initiated.


Your employees are your most important asset. Streamline processes like onboarding, communications, and check-ins and performance reviews, simply and efficiently.


Offer a streamlined digital experience by processing all required documents and files and turning them into searchable data sets.

Partner with us

The world is increasingly connected and complex. Mastering the entire cloud technology landscape is becoming impossible. We choose to be the best in automating the development and operations of documents to ensure that Ublion delivers continuous value and adapts quickly and efficiently to changing business needs.

Ublion is a tool for professionals. We provide Ublion as SaaS and it is cloud-native from the start.

Founded in 2017, there are now more than 19 of us, working from Eindhoven, The Netherlands. 

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