Microservice-led real-time data & orchestration platform

Develop, deploy, and manage real-time and AI applications all in one place with Ublion

Build applications that act instantly on data.

Ublion. Platform.

Ublion Platform is a distributed microservices-led in-memory computing platform delivered as a fully managed service.

Ublion Platform blends a distributed compute engine, data unification, connections, fast data stores, orchestration, and collaboration for unmatched performance, resilience and scale. So you can leverage the full potential of real-time data and AI without the complexity of integrating multiple software components.

And what’s more, you can integrate Ublion Platform with your existing infrastructure and tech stack, so there is no need for rip and replace to give your applications the ability to act instantly on data in motion.

Cache as a service

Large scale multi-zone caching platform for cloud applications.


High-speed state management and data lookups.


High-speed data stores for state management, analytics and access.


High troughput, low latency data processing environment for cloud.

Process the right data at the speed your business demands.

Ublion provides a unified approach for data classification, data  gathering, integration, transformation, and mapping with automated quality checks and orchestration to ensure trustworthy data every step of the way.


Process and integrate meta and key data gathered from virtually any source to any data destination.


Automate workflows for your document data by composing data pipelines and generating compliant formats and standards once.


Combine data processing, formatting generation, integration, quality, and sharing in a single, unified solution.


Ublion incorporates API integration and event driven architectures into the data lifecycle.


The built-in tools for ELT/ETL and change data capture (CDC) make it easy to integrate batch or streaming data.


Orchestration features give you full control and visibility into your data pipelines as it flows from the sources to the destinations.

Build applications that act instantly on data.

  • Combine historical data, operational data, event data, unstructured data, and file based data.
  • Pre-process data as it is ingested. Analyze and act upon the insights in real-time.
  • Decentralize data and keep data movement to a minimum to boost latency and control.
  • Deliver compelling, data-driven experiences across all digital channels.
  • Ensure an ‘always-on’ service with zero downtime.
  • Ensure ultra-low latency and scale with an in-memory data grid.

Deliver trusted data

Data is useless until it’s understandable, clean, compliant, and accessible. Ublion makes it easier to discover, remediate, and share trusted data with simple tools to automate data processes, empower teams, and ensure data quality and governance.


Eliminate barriers between business and IT with self-service applications for classifying and documenting data.


Make it easy and appealing to find key data with collaborative management features and Apps.


Embed data quality, scoping, stewardship, preparation, and cataloging into your data pipelines.

Purpose-built stacks

At Ublion, we provide several purpose-built stacks. The “designed-in” core features and services enable instant action on data-driven initiatives.

You can use Ublion to build your own platform and pipeline from scratch or get a head start and run your use cases on our purpose-built, ready-to-go stacks.

Our stacks are complete, “fit-for-purpose” systems built to reduce project time, code, pipeline, project costs, and operations by up to 80%.

Purpose built – Composable commerce 3.0

At Ublion, we provide a first of its kind pre-composed real-time composable commerce platform that places you at the forefront of the headless and composable commerce 3.0 revolution in a matter of weeks.

Ublion platform for Composable Commerce 3.0 makes any business global. The platform is already offering real-time experiences at global scale.

B2B ecosystem orchestration

Digital business platform

Monetize and orchestrate partner offerings at scale. Experiment, launch and grow, while starting small and scaling up with success.

Digital marketplaces & stores

Give your customers the ability to develop solutions with an ecosystem of partners, to onboard and sell through digital channels.


Commerce 3.0

SymbaYou provides a platform of internet-level commerce services to support real-time trade on any platform of choice.

It offers out-of-the-box composable commerce 3.0 capabilities to provide, and microservices & APIs to support, real-time interactive experience. Launch commerce 3.0 in weeks!

LEFT Mobility

Smart Mobility

LEFT Mobility provides sustainable and innovative IT solutions for mobility.

Collect unique sources of data. From Floating Car Data to Telecom-data, AIS, CCTV, ANPR, Driver Experiences Apps, and more. Then clean, process and transform the collected data to uncover patterns and valorize real-time applications.


Hyper automation

We re-thought the entire document processing toolset. Away from templates, domain specific applications and legacy integration tools.

With UbliBot, you can standardize on a single context driven document processing & orchestration platform that centralizes all core document processing and services all HA and automation needs.


Intelligent Analytics

AxxillaHQ derives meaning from large volumes of structured, semi-structured and unstructured documents and text or text that does not have a predefined format.

Regardless the source, language and your files are Rich media, Document collections, Location data, Internet of Things (IoT), or Analytics.

Real-time visibility
for Parcel and
Freight Shippers

Popular use cases

Recommendations while customers are interacting with your website, instore or on a geo-location.

Real-time actionable supply-chain comntrol tower.

Real-time track & trace to optimize the visibility and efficiency of business processes.

Split and route orders between multiple manufacturing sites, distribution centers, carriers, and sales channels. Monitor the process across inbound, outbound and reverse order flows.

Predict possible customer journey orchestrations based on customers’ intents and linkages and then recommend journeys.

Identify potential equipment failures before they occur.

Ingest data from smart factories into the cloud to provide access to the data for visibility and new automation applications.

Link control with data streams for end-to-end supply chain visibility. Build real-time operational intelligence, inventory accuracy, and omnichannel sales.

Ensure that shoppers see consistency between online, mobile, and in-store shopping, no matter what channel they use.

Design and launch data controls for sensitive and critical data all along your data pipelines and take the pain out of rules and workflows.

Leverages ML algorithms to catch fraud while transactions are being processed.

Build real-time notifications to the front-end and data correlation in the backend to implement real-time driver-rider-matching, routing, payment, fraud detection, and many more for your mobility App.

Build a real-time locating system (RTLS) to optimize end-to-end monitoring and advanced calculations like routing and estimated arrival in real time.

Get real insight with healthy data. Incorporate any kind of data and content: structured or unstructured, geo, on-prem or cloud, batch or real-time. Ingest any data at any speed.

About Ublion

Since 2019, we empower business with real-time capabilities.

We are Ublion. We are loaded with education, hands-on experiences, prefab solutions, code fragments, cloud foundations, software engineering, data-engineering, data science, best practices, knowledge of OSS and commercial IT. We blend technology with data for effortless real-time intelligent automation and orchestration.

Since 2019, we empower businesses with real-time capabilities. We provide fit-for-purpose microservice-led platform automates, streamlines and enhances application data architectures for instant action, whether on-premises or in the cloud. Our customers operate more efficiently with a faster time-to-market and increased ROI. They future-proof their data architectures to scale alongside their organization’s growth.

We are based in Zaltbommel  and Eindhoven, The Netherlands, with a subsidiary in Lviv and Kiev, Ukraine and we’ve been part of the digital transformation of market leaders and teams.

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