Composable commerce 3.0 simplified

A first of its kind pre-composed real-time composable commerce platform that places you at the forefront of the headless and composable commerce 3.0 revolution in a matter of weeks.

Offer consumers & B2B buyers unbeatable mobile, online, and offline experiences.

With SymbaYou, Ublion offers a single platform with out-of-the-box capabilities to provide, and microservices & APIs to support, real-time interactive commerce experience. Giving you all the tools to build, run, and manage your commerce 3.0 stores within weeks. At scale.

Be prepared for the future

SymbaYou blends Headless Commerce, MACH Architecture, Composable Commerce and real-time Data Platform, providing the technological foundation for modern digital commerce, allowing you to be agile, flexible and able to adapt to market changes.


Headless decouples the presentation layer (frontend) from the commerce engine (backend), allowing you to deliver seamless customer journeys through multiple touchpoints without relying on backend speed.


Composable Commerce allows you to compose your unique commerce solutions by integrating best-of-breed components.


MACH is a set of technologies that provide an open, modular framework for commerce and is the technical foundation for Composable Commerce. 

When to consider SymbaYou

Reduce technical debt
  • Improve tech stack and third party governance.
  • Eliminate the need for future platforms.
  • Reduce refactoring time.
  • Facilitate a transition away from outdated technology.
Codebase consolidation
  • Consistent brand experience across channels.
  • A single process to manage.
  • Techstack governance.
Content heavy site
  • Live commerce.
  • Handle large amounts of content while keeping performance.
  • Compatible with multiple forms of content (video, voice, text, etc).
  • Support large volume of traffic.
  • SymbaYou’s open architecture is modular and designed to integrate easily with other tools. This allows you to assemble only what’s needed.
  • SymbaYou is built for real-time data processing at scale. You you get charged for datacenter compute instead of connected channels, data volumes, users or sales.
Growth & Business expansion
  • Unified real-time microservices data infrastructure tailored offering unmatched performance, resilience and scale for real-time and AI-driven commerce applications.
  • Multi-tenant /multi-environment /localization /RBAC /SSO - manage multiple customers in a single platform.
  • Focus on transactions to isolate the most important part of your commerce: orders & customer behaviour.
  • Context managers for unified intelligent integration across sales channels, back office, warehouse, and logistics.
  • Expand internationally. Localization, unified checkout and unified order process are included.
  • Offer hyper personalized experiences across channels within context with 360 degree customer analytics, context manager, content and PIM, all running in cache.
  • Open physical locations that can be seamlessly.
SYMBAYOU reduceS project time, code, pipeline, project & EXPLOITATION costs by up to 80%

Purpose-built for real-time trade on any platform of choice

With SymbaYou, you can harness the value of data in motion by easily processing real-time streams and connections to build real-time scalable commerce applications and deliver seamless, personalized customer experiences.


SymbaYou includes a Real-Time Microservice Infrastructure, enabling you to meet today’s need for speed, flexibility & innovation. Microservices are the way SymbaYou designs, builds and deploys modular applications, organised into well-defined services.

Single functionality

SymbaYou defines services as modular units that implement specific business functionality (PBC). These PBCs are the reusable building blocks for applications or solutions and can be considered as aggregations of microservices. PBCs are the way SymbaYou brings applications to market and how they are used by users.

Any business model

With SymbaYou, you can operate multiple business models and provide unbeatable commerce experiences from a single platform. Scale your (third-party) assortment with SymbaYou Context Manager across any marketplace, App, webshop or website. row your retail or your B2B digital channel without hidden costs.


SymbaYou enables developers to build reusable, configurable, native services and deliver them to their customers as features of their own tech stack.

SymbaYou = Fast ROI

Why start from scratch if you can run your commerce use cases on SymbaYou?

  • €0 /month
  • Optional €500 /year for updates
  • Includes features to build, deploy, orchestrate, and operate Symbayou.
  • EUR 2,500 /year for advanced features for security, teams, multi-environment, and high availability.
  • Contact us for Enterprise Features. 24/7/365 Priority Support. Customizations and End-to-end Ops.
  • €0.35 /worker /hour
  • + €500 /tenant /month
  • All core features & services
  • Pre-composed headless composable commerce
  • Advanced security
  • Unlimited data, channels, sales. We charge compute.

Pricing explained

SymbaYou allows our customers to realize 50-80% savings either via our managed service or self-managed (customer managed) deployment model. SymbaYou architecture can scale to meet the customers’ scale & latency requirements.

B2B developers can run unlimited number of customer tenants.

SymbaYou is basically a set of containers that are deployed in cloud compute instances. There are two types of containers run: Base Infrastructure and Workers. The workers do all the work and include all core features, capabilities & pre-composed commerce. 

The SymbaYou worker-based pricing provides great flexibility and allows our customers to only pay for the compute resources they use. With the worker-based pricing model, the customer pays EUR 500 /month /tenant & a price for the number of worker and additional storage.

Each tenant requires a minimum of one worker always up to continuously process the data and software & can scale up the number of workers to service processing needs. For H/A and um=nmatched performance, we advice a multi-zone triple node configuration.

SymbaYou is highly efficient, a triple 4GB cache worker supports content heavy sites, with a lot connections. We offer a free Proof of Value helping you to find SymbaYou is right for you.

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