Real-Time Visibility for Parcel and Freight Shippers

Precise Parcel & Freight Tracking

Precise parcel & Freight tracking fosters customer trust, boosts their confidence, alleviates shipment anxieties, and elevates the entire experience.

Last mile delivery is unpredictable

Last mile delivery is the most time-consuming, expensive, and unpredictable element of the entire process, it directly impacts a supply chain’s profitability.

Last mile delivery is the biggest cost driver

According to a Capgemini study, last-mile delivery is the biggest cost driver in the supply chain, representing 41% of supply chain costs.

Where is my order?

​​91% of consumers actively monitor their orders, and 60% of shippers highlight real-time tracking as paramount when choosing their carriers.

Ublion delivers continuous insights from dispatch to delivery.

With Ublion real-time data platform, you can instant, continuous monitor the parcel and freight location and status throughout its journey.

This is more than just knowing the package is “en route.” This is about continuous insight from dispatch to delivery.

Ublion provides real time location intelligence

Utilizing Ublion data platform with predictive analytics can even optimize real-world factors for route planning, resulting in faster delivery times, reduced shipping costs, reduce CO2, and better asset utilization.

Ublion blended with our purpose-built LEFT Mobility provides the power to deploy location-based solutions in real-time, control each step of the supply chain process, and implement strategies for last-mile delivery success.

Ublion real-time visibility offers shippers advantages from enhanced customer engagement to sharper operations.


Providing precise, real-time delivery updates not only enlightens the customer but fortifies trust, diminishes the number of service queries, and bolsters brand allegiance.


Ublion allows shippers to optimize routes continuously. By identifying and eliminating potential bottlenecks or delays before they become issues, shippers can ensure punctual deliveries and reduce operational costs.


With real-time visibility, shippers can access pivotal data instantly. Such data not only aids in foreseeing challenges but also in capitalizing on emerging opportunities.

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