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Ublion orchestration platform

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Traditional integration solutions focus on the functional aspects, like moving the actual data around, without addressing non-functional issues like performance, availability, quality, scalability, security, collaboration, and governance. Ublion enables optimal real-time end-to-end document processing thanks to a low-latency, distributed memory architecture for data and computations.

The application platform applies DataOps principles to data integration, by building, managing, and scaling data pipelines in a way that promotes reusability, reproducibility, and rolling back changes if problems occur. Some of the key capabilities include data extraction, integration, transformation, and analysis. 

Ublion Model Ops enables the collaboration across development and operationalization of the document machine learning model development lifecycle. The Ublion Model Ops makes it easier to tie these efforts in with teams on the operations side that are responsible for deploying the models into production.

Ublion automates your whole DevOps infrastructure, from firewalls, security groups, CDNs, DNS configuration, SSL/TLS certificates, API endpoints, capacity planning, load balancer, auto-scaling, Kubernetes, cache, and more…

Ublion Orchestration Platform


Datapipeline management

Model Ops

Document model engineering pipeline


Deployment services

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